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Master Texts was founded by Carolina Tate and was her first baby. Throughout her adolescent years and into adulthood she always had a big passion for marketing.

She wanted to create a place where others who share her interest could come together and learn from one another. That is ultimately where the idea for Master Texts was born.

Master Texts offers its readers the latest news in the marketing world, including reviews on the latest software and strategies. The team at Master Texts has unparalleled knowledge of marketing and advertising.

We aspire to inform and be of use to those in the marketing industry.


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We keep our audiences up to date at all times when it comes to the latest trends out there. You can be sure you’ll hear it first from Master Texts. We only provide accurate and authentic information from dependable resources so rest assured you’ll stay in the loop always.


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Want to know what text messaging software is right for your marketing campaign? Or need advice on what marketing methods work best? Then Master Texts has you covered. We provide transparent reviews on all forms of marketing software and programs so that you can make better choices.


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There is always something new to learn, especially here at Master Texts. We are regularly providing tips and tricks to improve your marketing goals. What are you waiting for? Join our online community today and learn new tactics and strategies to take your text marketing efforts to the next level.